Butte County, SD, Reference Books and Volunteers

To request a 'lookup' from any of these Butte County reference books, click on the name of the owner - send them an e-mail - and ask them politely. It's that simple! However, due to copyright restrictions on some materials, the book's owner may only be able to provide you with information concerning a few specific names or places. Please do not send an e-mail requesting lookups without referring to a specific book! As you can see, volunteers (and resources!) are needed!

Pat Engebretson at the Belle Fourche Public Library (and also an active member of the Tri State Genealogy Society!) has generously offered to do lookups for you. The library has most of the sources mentioned below, as well as numerous other genealogical holdings. PLEASE make sure that "Butte County Lookup" is in your subject heading - thanks! And - THANKS, Pat!

ReferenceAuthorYear PublishedLocale CoveredOwner/Email
"Cowboys and Sodbusters" Old Friends of Vale 1968 Vale area Skip Wiest
"Pioneer Footprints" BH Half Century Club 1964 Belle Fourche area Skip Wiest
"Newell Golden Anniversary" Rev. Wm. Reitmeier 1960 Newell area Skip Wiest
"A History of Butte Co., SD" Engebretson/Heck/Herrett 1988 entire county Mary Buchholz
"A 50th Anniversary Album of WWII: Center of the Nation Area" Davis/Hamblin 1995 entire county Mary Buchholz
"A Study of Abandoned Towns of Eastern Butte and Central Meade Counties" Timothy J. Velder 1989 Eastern Butte Co. Not Owned
"Butte County Fair, 50 Years" Rozella Bracewell 1978 Entire County Not Owned
"Historical Northwest SD" Butte Co. Hist. Society 1978 Entire County Not Owned
"A Look at Belle Fourche" BF High School 1988 Belle Fourche Not Owned
"Minnesela, The City that Never Happened" Marjorie Benedict Richards 1972 Minnesela area Not Owned
"Minnesela Days" Joe Koller 1949 Minnesela Area Not Owned

Odessa, a German-Russian Genealogical Library, is available for the Butte County researcher. The library contains a vast array of genealogical materials relating to the German-Russian pioneers. As such a large number of German-Russians settled in Butte County, this resource is included for your use on this page.

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