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I am looking for information on the family of Conrado ALVILLAR, his wife Juana, and numerous children. They lived in Orman Township at two different times in the 1930s, and their children attended school in Nisland.

Diana OReilly
Sun Jan 29 19:21:12 2006


I am looking for the family of Ellef ANDERSON from near Newell. Moved in 1933 from near Ralph in Harding Co. His children were: Mrs. Hans JENSEN, of Ralph; Mrs. Sigrud RAFFELSON, of Ludlow; Mrs. Richard RAFFELSON, of Belle Fourche; Cora ANDERSON; and Bernard ANDERSON. Another of Ellef's daughters, Ella ANDERSON, was born 13 July 1915, near Ralph, and died 28 May 1935. She married my father, Arthur WATKINS, on 28 April 1925.

Craig Watkins
Mon Dec 06 22:15:56 1999


I am trying to trace the ARPAN family back from Butte and Union Co.'s (SD) through IA, and possibly MO, to IL and Canada. Nazaire (Isaac) ARPAN (HARPAIN) immigrated from Canada 1861. Married in 1873 in (?) to Olive CHARBONNEAU, b. 1857 in Iroquois Co, IL. First four children, Josephine, Armene, Isaac, and Louis, born in IA or Union Co, Dak. Terr. Family lived in Hawarden prior to 1880, then moved to Virginia Twp, Union Co, Dakota Terr (per 1880 federal census), then to Butte County. The post office of ARPAN in Butte Co, SD, derives its name from this family. The family later moved to Snoma in southern Butte Co. Olive's parents, Louis and Louise CHARBONNEAU may have moved west with them, but I have no evidence of them outside of IL. Olive also had a brother, Louis, and a sister, Ezilda, according to the 1860 census in Iroqouis Co. Nazaire also had a brother who was in IL and Iowa with him, Clemor ARPAN, who eventually moved on to the Alzada, MT area. I am searching for specific dates and places for marriages, births, and residences as well as links back to Canada, and would appreciate any leads!

Rob Reitz
Sun Jan 04 20:20:20 1998 (updated Wed Aug 18 19:46:12 2010)


Looking for the descendants of Nazaire and Olive ARPAN, who homesteaded near Indian Creek in Butte County. We are planning an ARPAN family reunion for the summer of 2006, and would like to find more of our family line. Nazaire and Olive had many children and connected families: Armene Arpan Hamilton, Emily Arpan Thompson, Josephine Arpan Kline Knowlton, Mary Louise Arpan Johnson, Amy Arpan Montgomery, Joseph Laundrie and Isaac, Arthur, Charles and Frank Arpan. Please contact me if you are connected with this family or know where I can find any of their descendants.

Terry L. Arpan
Thu Dec 15 16:59:27 2005


Seeking information on Cynthia English ATTEBERRY and her family. An article appeared in the Belle Fourche paper on 26 March 1939, honoring Cynthia on her 103rd birthday. She was married to William E. ATTEBERRY (of Barren Co., KY) on 4 October 1855 in Macon Co., MO, where they lived until his death in 1911. In William's obituary it was written they had eight children. Cynthia then moved to Belle Fourche to live with her daughter, Mrs. B. C. Johnson, until her death on 28 June 1939. Cynthia is my husband's gr-grandmother. We would appreciate any information someone might have on this ATTEBERRY family.

Peggy & Jay Atteberry
Thu Apr 15 15:15:52 1999



I am seeking information for Joseph Samuel BAKER and his wife, Eva Edna KUBLER. I believe Joseph Samuel was born in 1880 and died in 1968 in Belle Fourche. I believe Eva Edna was born in 1889 and died in 1971 in Belle Fourche. Would obituaries possibly be available for Joseph and Eva? Any information would be appreciated.

Dale W. Mason
Thu Dec 16 21:08:32 2004


Looking for information on my grandfather DeWitt "Dee" Allen BARRETT, b 1874 Dunklin Co., MO, d 1944 Belle Fourche, SD. He moved to Belle Fourche after the death of his wife, Ida, in 1936. His son, Nathaniel, b. 1910, Dyer Co., TN, also died in SD in 1986. Nathaniel's children, Barbara and Robert/Richard, may reside in CO. Dee was buried in Pine Slope cemetery, and died in John Burns Hospital. I am interested in anything about his life in SD, or a reason that he moved to SD from TN. Thank you.

Tara Barrett
Mon Mar 03 15:53:47 1997


My uncle, Harold BASSETT, known as "Babe", was born 31 August 1911, in St. Onge, SD. His parents were Don and Evelina BASSETT. Harold married Alice BROWN in Sturgis on 25 July 1936. I am looking for more information on his family life and histories that might be available. Thank you!

S. M. Smith
Wed Nov 07 08:23:44 2001


I am looking for information, especially birth records, on my father and aunts. They were all born in Belle Fourche. My father's name: Andrew Glenn BAUMGARDNER, b 14 Mar 1921. My aunts: Lucille BAUMGARDNER, b 26 May 1919, and Irene BAUMGARDNER, b ca 1916. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Mary Jensen
Thu Apr 04 08:12:00 2002


John and Elizabeth BAUER were second cousins who married. Their families had farms near Nisland. Elizabeth was born abt 1894.

Robert Banks
Sun Apr 22 13:48:26 2001


Margaret WARD was born 1900 in White, Brookings, SD. She married Alfred BERG abt 1922, and they lived in Newell, Butte, SD. She was the 3rd of 6 children born to Zophar John WARD and Cora WINGAD of White. Margaret's siblings were: Linda Elizabeth; Pearl THOMPSON; James; Joyce; and Lucy LARSEN. She also had 2 half-siblings, Earl and Mabel, from her father's 1st marriage. Please contact me with any info.

Mary Kay Ward
Wed Apr 18 13:13:37 2001


Martin Joseph BOE was my mother's father. He died in 1901, when my mother was about 8 mos. old. I am trying to find out where he was born, who were his parents and siblings, and if any siblings or other relatives are still living.

Carol Jacobson
Thu Oct 09 14:30:11 2003


We're looking for information on the family of George Edward BRANDNER. He was born 11 February 1875, in Saukville, WI, to Adam and Mary BRANDNER. His wife was possibly named Nora, and he lived in the Belle Fourche area. Thank you.

Ken Brandner
Mon Aug 13 22:13:47 2001


I am looking for any information on Lon Fisher BROWN from Butte County. He was born in 1917. He graduated from SDSU's School of Pharmacy, and enlisted in the Army Air Corps before Pearl Harbor. He was a B-25 pilot, killed at Bunabun Harbor, New Guinea, on 2/6/1944.

Dennis B. Worthen, PhD
Mon Jul 19 13:34:06 2010


I am attempting to find information on Margaret D. FOSTLER, born November 1857, in Pittsburgh, PA. She came to Ft. Meade (Meade Co.) ca 1879 with her first husband, Capt. FOSTER, who died ?. She was remarried 22 Sept 1890, at Sturgis, to Henry Potter BURT. Her children were: Matthew FOSTER, b 1878; Charles FOSTER, b 1880; and Susie Edith BURT, b 1895. The 1920 census for Belle Fourche lists Margaret as a widow. I would welcome any help. Thank you.

Richard T. Howard
Tue May 15 11:28:11 2001



I am searching for an aunt that disappeared many years ago. Her name was Arvilla CARPENTER. She may have lived in Belle Fourche, working as a housekeeper. Arvilla was born abt 1876 in WI, and she was in ND in 1885 (she was 9 years old at the time). There doesn't seem to be any trace of her in ND after 1900. I do not know if she ever married. I know this is a shot in the dark but it is probably the only shot I have!

Roland Carpenter
Thu Jan 10 11:00:23 2002


I am looking for information for my husband's great-grandfather, Samuel CARTER. He died in 1944 in Belle Fourche. He was married to Ethel Esther GOLD. She also died in Belle Fourche. Any information is appreciated as I have not been able to locate death certificates on either person.

Laurie Wilken
Thu Jun 07 15:47:02 2001


My grandfather, Samuel S. CARTER, lived in Belle Fourche along with his daughters (Maude, Dolly and Esther) and son (Gibson) for a number of years. He passed away in the middle 1940s. I have been trying to find out where he was buried, when, etc., and any other information about this family. Any help would be appreciated.

Vic Carter
Mon Apr 03 10:28:44 2006


I am trying to verify info on my great-grandparents, Enice E. CHESHIER and Zelma Adell DUNCAN. Both were buried at the Pineslope Cemetery in Belle Fourche. My records show that Zelma's parents were Benjamin F. DUNCAN and Olie BOYD, but this info probably is incorrect. I am trying to verify the correct parents. I also have little information on the children of Enice and Zelma, except for my grandfather, Charles CHESHIER. I also have been working on Enice's family tree. His grandfather, Ennis (?) CHESHIRE (is this short for Tennison?), married Jane TODD ca 1833. Ennis and Jane's son, Alexander, was born 11 November 1837 in Ashe Co., NC. Jane then married her cousin, Benjamin Franklin MORPHEW, in 1840. I am unaware as to what happened to Ennis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Pattie Crisp
Sun Jan 12 00:29:50 2003


Seeking information re: Alice WARD CHIESMAN, wife of Lev CHIESMAN.

Keith Sankey
Sun Dec 10 05:43:14 2000


I would be interested in any information about Charley (possibly Charles/Charlie) CHURCH. He lived with his wife close to Nisland in the 1930s. My father, Murray Heavirland, worked for him one summer. Charley was one of the last that drove cattle on the Chisholm Trail, up from Texas. Thank you for your help.

Robert Heavirland
Sun Dec 12 22:06:42 2004


I'm looking for information on Hiram COLE. I found a record that he was born on 20 May 1875, and died in Belle Fourche in April, 1968. I think he's the son of George and Lutie (Lucie?) COLE. I also found on this Butte Co. GenWeb site's Riverside Cemetery burials a record of a grave for Bernice COLE and 3 infants, and wondered if they are related. Thanks.

Jo Vonnie D. Cole
Sun Jun 07 20:55:03 1998


Seeking information on Lee M. COLLINS (otherwise known as Levi M. COLLINS), who seems to have moved to Deadwood, SD, by 1888. He married an Emma ____ and lived with her in Empire, Butte County, in 1900. In the 1890 Veterans' Schedule he is listed in Sturgis. He died on January 24, 1905, and is buried in Bear Butte Cemetery in Sturgis. I wonder whether he had moved back to Sturgis or was either hospitalized or admitted to a solders' home before he died. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kay Fast
Wed Oct 10 15:50:22 2007


Looking for any information on Henry CONGDON, his wife, Mary J., and kids John L. and Edith J. Henry, Mary and Edith are buried in Pineslope Cemetery, under "Congden". They were in Butte County in the 1930 census. Did they have any other family in the area? Where did John go to? Henry was originally from New York state.

Norm Woodworth
Mon Mar 29 20:27:22 2004


Looking for ancestor information on Chris CRONE, b. 1869, d. 29 April 1941, in the John Burns Memorial Hospital in Belle Fourche, SD. Buried in the cemetery there with no marker, Block E - Lot 24 - 2nd row of "E" from the road.

Russ Herre
Mon Oct 21 13:07:45 1996


My grandmother, Edith May COUCH, was born in the Belle Fourche, SD, area on 27 March 1878, to Joseph Washington COUCH and Mabel SILLIMAN. I am trying to find information on Mabel, my great-grandmother. Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tina Schultze
Sat Aug 19 14:55:01 2000


Would like to exchange information with anyone researching the following families who lived in Vale, Butte Co., SD, from 1900 to the present: CURTIS (John R., Susan M., and Benjamin); MASON (William A. and Meta); WILDEY (Isaac Summer). Thanks.

Sherry Dew
Thu Dec 13 15:57:41 2001



I'm looking for information on Sophia DAHLBERG and her descendants. Sophia was born in Peräseinäjoki, Finland, on 22 May 1875, with the name of Susanna Serafia PIOLAHTI. She left Finland for the U.S. on 7 June 1893. She was married to Conrad DAHLBERG (1876-1928), and died in Newell on 15 April 1958. They had at least the following children: Sadie, Mary, Ruth, Julia, Violet, and Lillian. My great-grandmother, Maria PIOLAHTI SEPPÄLÄ (1868-1956) of New York Mills, MN, was Sophia's sister. Any information on Sophia or her descendants would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Karvonen
Thu Oct 12 00:45:39 2000


I am looking, on behalf of a friend who does not have Internet access, for Joseph Clinton DAVIS, Sr. His wife was Jeanette SPRAGUE (born 1896 in MT; died in Butte Co., CA., 1962). Their children were: George Milton DAVIS (b. 1913, Nisland, Butte, SD; d. 1957, Oakland, CA); Alice Susie DAVIS (b. 1914, Nisland); Edna Coreen DAVIS (b. 1916, Nisland; d. 1970, Oroville, CA); Cherry J. DAVIS (b. 1917, Nisland); and Joseph Clinton DAVIS, Jr. (b. 1919, Spearfish, Lawrence, SD; d. 1982, Oroville, Butte, CA). Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Kathy Stentzel (for her friend, Beth)
Mon Jun 08 09:51:33 1998


I am looking for information on a family by the name of DEFFEBACH, who lived in the Belle Fourche area in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Erasmus DEFFEBACH was listed in a book titled, "Buffalo Chips to Cow Chips", in an article referring to the cattle industry in the Belle Fourche area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Currie
Sun Oct 08 13:10:56 2000


I am looking for any information on the DEFFEBACH family, 1876 to early 1900. Thank you!

Danice Grisham
Sun Aug 08 19:40:05 2010


Patrick DELANEY (b 1817/Ireland) and his wife, Mary KNOWLES (b 1823/Ireland) left Dubuque Co., IA, by 1887, where Pat and Mary signed for land and were notarized as living in Belle Fourche, Butte County. By 1900 Mary was living with her daughter, Sarah HEITLER, in Lead, Lawrence Co., and was noted as being a widow. Mary died 1908 in Lead, and I am trying to find both Patrick Delaney's (between 1887-1900) and Mary Delaney's (1908) burial places in either Butte or Lawrence counties. Would love to hear from anyone researching those surnames in SD.

Karyn Zielako Weingarden
Sun Jul 04 13:19:06 2010


Searching for any information on Anton and Katerina (MACEK) DOBES'. They came to the U.S. in 1880. Trying to locate any relatives that may be related, i.e. Anton's brothers.

Deborah J. Freitas
Tue Oct 12 19:27:07 2004


I am seeking information about my grandmother, Eva DONNELL, and her family. My mother was born in Butte County in 1900 to Dick PATTERSON and his wife, Eva. Eva passed away about when my mother was 2 or 3. After his wife's passing, Dick moved to AR, where he lived until his own death. I'm wanting to know if there were any other children or any relatives. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Betty Clark
Thu Aug 26 15:25:58 1999


I am looking for any descendants of the DRIVER family in SD. William Warren DRIVER married Jane COAD, who had 9 children. William died in Belle Fourche 05 March 1928, and Jane died in Deadwood 12 December 1921. Thank you very much for any information you can give me.

Victor Hayden
Thu Aug 24 11:10:42 2000


Request any information on Bruce DUTTON. According to the 1905 S.D. Census, he was: age 23; employed as a miner; and a resident of Butte County. Thank you.

Justin Gaunt
Fri May 09 15:52:22 1997



My name is Stephen Cummings. My wife's family is from South Dakota, mainly around Dupree, Eagle Butte, and Belle Fourche. I am hoping to find someone researching the EIDSON surname. Thank you.

Stephen Cummings
Mon Dec 16 17:19:15 1996



Looking for any information on Andrew (Shorty), Charles, and Joseph FELT. Shorty moved to Butte, MT, and worked in the silver mines. Charles owned a saloon in Lead, SD, in 1909. Joseph married Annie BARLOW, who was from the Carolinas, and had 4 children: Lloyd, Edna, Helen and Ruth. We do know that Ruth was born in Newell in Butte County; she is my husband's mother. Lloyd and Edna both graduated from Newell High School in 1923. This line of the family originally came from Sweden, and settled in Mankato, MN, before moving to Butte County. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Catherine Hammer
Wed Jan 12 17:39:35 2000


I am looking for info on Leroy Dix FINN, born in 1898 around Belle Fourche.

Mike Smith
Tue Oct 09 20:01:53 2007


I am seeking information for Elmer Joseph FISTER (1916-1990) and Kathryn Shewman FISTER (1911-2002), who lived in or near Belle Fourche.

Connie White
Mon Aug 23 17:30:10 2010


I am trying to trace the family of my late uncle, Shellburn FLOOD. He was born and raised in IL, but I found a picture of his mother, saying she lived in Vale, Butte Co., SD. I have family pictures I would like to give to his family members.

LuAnn Suryan
Tue Nov 11 01:19:26 2003


Looking for information on Otto H.E. FRANCK, Mary FRANCK, and Harve FRANCK, who lived in Butte County around 1900.

Fred Franck
Tue Sep 17 03:15:27 2002


I am trying to find some information on Lulu Amelia FRENCH. She married Niel Jorgen NIELSEN. He died in 1928 in Belle Fourche, SD, so I am assuming that they probably lived in the area at the time of his death, although I have been unable to confirm this. I would like to know what they did, where they lived, if they had any children (how many, names, dates, places), etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

Jeanne Hicks
Tue May 24 12:42:39 2005



I am looking for information about my Great Aunt, Sarah E. GEIS. She was born Sarah E. DUNCAN in 1862 in Missouri. She lived in Belle Fourche, Butte, SD, in 1920 with her daughter, Mary Alice (Geis) Mills. Her son, Frank Geis, is buried in the Black Hills National Cemetary near Sturgis, SD. She married Martin Geis in Missouri. Martin is buried in Sheridan County, ND. I would like to find out where Sarah is buried. I would appreciate help in locating Sarah's gravesite.

Kevin Duncan
Wed Apr 21 13:38:13 2010


Looking for death information on Annette (Anna) GIACOMETTO, as well as for Ernest Charles GIACOMETTO. Ernest died about 1937, and Annette died after that. Thanks.

Thu Aug 07 12:58:53 2003


I am still searching for information on and a possible burial place for Frances E. (Fanny) GATES. Her maiden name, which she often used, was PAUL. She married Alonzo Gates (2nd or 3rd marriage), but was divorced in the 1900 Census for Blaine, Butte, SD. She was living with her brother, Thomas FLETCHER at the time of the census. She was born in November 1829 in VA. She was also living with her brother in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census for Butte County, so believe she was separated or divorced by this time. She was 71 in the 1900 census, and I believe she died between 1900 and 1910, but cannot find any record. I assume she is buried near the farm on which she was living, and this may have been either in the Blaine, Hilen, or Empire areas of Butte County - near Fruitdale, Nisland, or Vale. She was my gr-gr-grandmother, and I cannot determine her maternal ancestry.

Janis Samuels
Thu Sep 17 12:03:13 2009


I am looking for information about John GATES, who died about 1931 in Belle Fourche, Butte Co., SD. John may have been born 15 August 1844 (not sure that date is accurate). He had 3 sons living in that area: Ed, George, and Jesse GATES. In all, he and his wife, Mary Jane, had 10 children; in addition to the 3 sons already mentioned, they were: Samuel, Stella, Elmer, Mary, Lemma, and Will. They moved to the Belle Fourche area in 1901 from Macon Co., MO. John lived with his son, Jesse. John may be buried in Pine Slope Cemetery in Belle Fourche. I would like to know who John's parents were, and also who were the parents of his first wife, Mary Jane.

Sharon Zurn
Tue Jul 20 11:53:55 1999


Need help finding family or anyone with knowledge of my grandfather's sister, Orilla (EGGLESTON) GIBSON, of the Bixby/Seim area. Orilla was born ca 1855. She and her husband, Joseph W. GIBSON, lived in Bixby, and also in Seim (the 1910 census referred to her home as the Moreau Precinct). Orilla was still alive in 1925. She and Joseph had 2 children, one of whom - Jack -was a widower who also lived in the Moreau Precinct, along with his two young sons, in 1910. My grandpa was killed in 1917, and after that the families became scattered and lost touch. I have much genealogy and family history to share with Orilla's descendants, including 7 documented lines of direct Mayflower descent. Thank you.

Jeannie Ann Winter
Thu Nov 13 01:05:53 1997


Looking for any info on my great-great-grandmother, Jennie GOLDING. Her maiden name was BLAKE. The info I have shows she died in Belle Fourche on 30 September 1930, and that she was born in Bedford, IA. I believe her husband, Roscoe GOLDING, died 30 March 1928 in Yankton, Union, SD (I think he was also from Bedford). Any additional information you can find on either individual would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Stewart
Thu May 15 18:41:58 1997


I am looking for information on Roscoe GOLDING, b. 08 May 1859 in Bedford, IA; d. 30 March 1928 in Yankton, SD. He was married to Jennie BLAKE, b. 15 April 1868 in Bedford, IA; d 30 September 1930 in Belle Fourche, SD. They were married 03 July 1886 in either Spearfish, SD, or Bedford, IA. They had 6 children, 3 of whom died as young children. The surviving ones were Eva, Audrey (my mother), and Wayne. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Fairchild
Tue Sept 13 12:42:06 2005


I am looking for information on Leroy GUFFEY and Polly Ann Stockton's daughter, Elizabeth GUFFEY, born 1885 and died 1890 in Vale, Butte, SD. I would also like anything on the Leroy GUFFEY family.

Sara Stockton
Mon Aug 06 14:01:23 2007



I have many ancestors named HAMILTON that relocated to the Belle Fourche, SD, area, and I am looking for information that may relate to them. My HAMILTONs homesteaded and ranched in the Table Mountain area of the Cave Hills. If anyone can look-up obituaries or information, please contact me.

Marion Kaufman
Wed Jun 22 13:34:47 2005


Looking for any info. on Peter HANES, b. 1822 in Sistersville, Tyler, WV, and died 29 April 1905 in Belle Fourche. He married Susan Bedder PADGETT on 17 February 1849 in Veron, IN. Some of their childrens' names were: Hannah, Samantha, Peter Bluford (my great-grandfather) and Cyrus M.

Kathy Dolan
Sun Mar 22 20:27:50 1998


I am looking for any information concerning my great-grandmother, Sophia HARRINGTON, born April 1898. She was the daugher of Charles Eugene HARRINGTON and Hattie Belle LEISURE. She married Thomas Jerome MELVIN April 1914. The 1920 Census for Huron, Pennington Co., SD, lists Sophia and Thomas as husband and wife. The 1930 Census for Belle Fourche lists Thomas MELVIN as divorced. Any information I can find regarding Sophia HARRINGTON would be welcome, as I have no information on her after 1920. Thank you!

Kristina Carr
Tue May 27 11:27:23 2003


Looking for bio info on Clarence R. HAY, d. Brown County in 1941. Lived most in Butte County. Originally from New Brunswick, Canada.

Ken Moore
Fri Jan 07 09:36:11 2011


Seeking info and obit for Garrelt Nonnen HEEREN, b. 07 February 1874; d. 28 March 1961. He was buried near Belle Fourche, possibly in a Logan Cemetery? His parents were Garrelt Nonnen HEEREN, Sr., and Elske ARENDS. Thanks!

Janet Fett
Thu Mar 29 00:10:16 2001


Researching the HENDERSON surname. George HENDERSON was born in Nova Scotia; died Sheridan, WY. His daughter, NeRoma HENDERSON married John (Jack) James McCLURE, and had a ranch near Belle Fourche. Their brand was a "spade". Would appreciate any info or connections.

Ken Henderson
Thu Apr 10 08:14:41 1997


My great-grandparents, Albert and Elsie HINRICHS (alternate spelling: HENRICHS) were supposedly buried in a cemetery north of Hoover. They died from an influenza epidemic. We have not been able to find their graves, or records pertaining to their deaths. Any help you could give would be great appreciated. Thank you so much.

Shannon Hinrichs
Fri Aug 19 13:25:21 2005


I am researching the HOLDREN and HOLST families from Vale in Butte Co. The Holdrens homesteaded near Vale in 1878, and the Holst family followed a few years later.

Skip Wiest
Thurs Aug 1 01:12:35 1996


I am looking for any info on Francis and Rebecca HOLLIS, who settled in Butte County about 1881 or 1882. Their children were: Jesse Walter HOLLIS, Leo Franklin HOLLIS, Wilmer HOLLIS, and Herman HOLLIS.

Jeanine Kiefel
Sat Mar 10 20:20:40 2001


I am looking for record of my grandmother, Sophia HOWARD. I believe she was born and raised in Butte County, and may have met my grandfather there as well. I don't know his first name, but my grandfather's surname was HOBBS.

Ruth Hobbs
Thu Jul 17 18:45:10 2003

in Butte County


Interested in any information on Roscoe Wallace HOWELL, b 06 July 1892; d 17 February 1965 in Belle Fourche (and buried in Pineslope Cemetery). I have been unable to find any information on his parents, Lomey HOWELL and Adaline BROOKS, who lived in Ozark, AR. If anyone has any stories or information on him, I would appreciate it. He homesteaded in MT, and had several businesses in Belle; one was Howell Motor (Ford) in the late 1940s/early 1950s. He was a WWI veteran, and belonged to the Belle Fourche VFW. He was also a Mason. He married Gladys Ester PIERCE 07 October 1926 in Sturgis. Thank you!

Sheila Ramser Walker
Sat Jan 02 23:25:22 1999


My great-grandfather, Herman HUEBNER, had a brother named Gustav Emil HUEBNER, b 09 December 1864. Emil married Louise LANGROCK 04 June 1886, probably in IA. Emil and Louise moved to Belle Fourche, and had 10 children. Their daughter, Anna HEEBNER (b abt 1899) married Said SALEM (b abt 1893), and their daughter Emma HEEBNER married Mike SALEM (b abt 1888). I think that Emma and Mike SALEM moved to Spearfish, but Said and Anna stayed in Belle Fourche. I am interested in contacting family members, and am willing to share family history info and pictures with their descendants.

Carol Schmitt
Thu Sep 12 12:52:23 2002




I am looking for information on Greggor JANISH/JONISH, and his son, Nicholas. They came to Butte Co. in the late 1800s or early 1900s; Nicholas lived there his entire life. He worked for the railroad, and was injured while working for them. His family was told he died, but this was in error. The rest of the JANISH/JONISH family moved to WI. Thank you so much.

M. Holtz
Fri Jul 09 22:26:49 1999


Looking for any and all information on the JEREMIASON family who were pioneers in the Belle Fourche area in the late 1890s. The family included 10 brothers and one sister. They owned and worked a cattle ranch outside of the city limits. Thank you.

Tom Jeremiason
Sun May 07 16:29:47 2000


I am looking for a relative that died in her teens. Her name was Martil JOHNSON. Her father was Charles K. JOHNSON, and her mother was Hansend or "Gina". They appear on the 1910 census in Butte County, Blaine District, with children George, Jennie and Carlottie, the latter probably wrongly spelled form of Carl Otto. Martil was born in 1896, probably in Nisland. The latest appearance is Ellis Island return documents from 1901, after a visit to Norway. While she is not in the 1910 census, she probably died before 1910. I am searching any information plus site of death/burial.

Bjørn Erik Berentsen
Fri Dec 31 04:20:17 2010


I am seeking information on my family from the 1910 era, in Lead, Lawrence Co., SD. I am posting this to the Butte Co. Genealogy Homepage in the event any of the following individuals migrated to Butte County. My father, Ernest Lewis GRIFFIN, was born in 1910 in Lead, to Tom JONES and Rose GRIFFIN (my father took his mother's surname). A Thomas T. JONES is listed in the 1900 Census, residing in Lead; if this is the same individual, he was born in 1852 in Wales. Ernest Lewis GRIFFIN was later adopted by George Wesley and Ora Kinear Crawford WILSON. I am very interested in contacting anyone with knowledge of any of these individuals! Thanks!

T.J. Wilson
Tue Feb 17 20:36:45 1998


Seeking any information about William L. (probably Lloyd) JONES, who emigrated from Wales early in the 20th century, and who lived in Belle Fourche in 1920. He may have had two sons named Arthur and Lloyd WINDELL. His brother's address book lists Alzada, MT, as his address at one time. He had two brothers, Hayden Arthur JONES and John Davies JONES, who emigrated from Wales in 1906 and settled in northeastern NE. Would gladly share information about the two NE brothers.

Judith Rice-Jones
Wed Jun 23 10:00:04 1999


Seeking any information on the JORDAN family in Butte County. In particular, I am looking for: Jacob JORDAN, Sr. (1866-1952), lived in Newell at the time of his death, buried Newell Cemetery; (2) his son, Jacob JORDAN, Jr. (1902-1986), lived in Belle Fourche, resident of Long Term Health Care Center in Belle, and buried in Pine Slope Cemetery; Jacob Sr.'s son, Astor JORDAN (1900-1986), who also lived in Belle Fourche and was buried in Pine Slope. Specifically, I would like headstone, obituary, or spouse information; however, any information is deeply appreciated. Also, living family members feel free to contact me.

Susan Jordan Anderson
Mon May 14 22:06:31 2001


Looking for descendants of Nellie M. (LIGHT) JORGENSON/JORGENSEN, b 26 March 1879, in Ridgeland Twp., Iroquois, IL. Last info I have is from her father's Civil War pension papers, that indicated she was living in Newell, SD, married to unkown JORGENSON. Nellie was the daughter of my grandfather's brother. Any info would be very helpful.

Del Light
Sun Feb 01 23:33:11 2004


Mary JUSILLA, who originally was from Finland, ended up in the Black Hills area. She married William WICKSTEN in the late 1800s, and had 7-9 children. After William died, she may have remarried and had another child, but I do not know the name. After the last Wicksten child was born in 1913, she moved to California. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Wicksten
Wed Apr 16 14:54:24 1997



Searching for a Robert or Herman KEIL. They may be related to Ferdinand KEIL, who settled in the Redwood Falls, MN, area. Robert or Herman would have located in Butte County in the late 1800s. Would appreciate any information.

Joyce Keil
Wed May 30 14:20:59 2001


Looking for information on John King who owned a government tract of land and established a ranch in/around Seim, Butte County (located in present-day Perkins Co). Would appreciate any help.

Ruth Strong
Wed Mar 13 13:46:28 2002


I was born in Belle Fourche, in May 1975. I'm looking for information about my birth mother. Anyone knowing any information around this time, please feel free to contact me.

Wendy Kinyon
Mon Dec 1 00:59:36 2003


Looking for any information on Roy and Florence KOPP. He died December 1980, and she died December 1979. Any info welcomed. I have LOTS of KOPP genealogy I can share.

Ken Kopp
Sat Feb 19 01:16:01 2005



I'm trying to research my family ancestry for my year-old son, and I cannot find any information about my family in SD. My father was Harry Willard LAKSON. His father was Virgil Matthew LAKSON, who married Louise Mae WOODS. Virgil's father was Matthew Willard LAKSON, who married Agnette Marie JOHNSON. They all lived in Fruitdale. Is there any information you could provide beyone this? Thanks.

Chris Richardson
Fri Jun 19 21:13:09 1998

- Please note: Chris' e-mail address as submitted is no longer valid; Chris, if you see this, please inform us of your correct address! Thanks!


Looking for birth information for James DeVore LANG, born 28 June 1912, in Belle Fourche. He was the son of Nicholas Peter "Nick" (possibly Peter Nicholas) LANG and Mabel DEVORE.

Julie Riley
Tue Nov 30 19:28:29 2004


Looking for information on Harry P. LONGFIELD (born Hartvig Paul LANGFELDT in Denmark) and his wife, Louella. According to the 1920 Census, they operated a sheep ranch in Butte County, with an Albion, MT, postal address. They had at least one daughter, and possibly a son. I would like to know the death dates for Harry and Louella, and know if they had any other children. Thank you for ANY help you can provide.

Laura Kaatz
Sun Nov 02 20:56:48 1997


Looking for anything on Magloire LARIVE, and his family: Sophie, Vitaline, and Aathanaese. Magloire had 150 acres in Butte County in 1904. If anyone has seen a grave or knows where they are buried, please let me know.

Margaret Wallace
Sat Feb 18 19:46:03 2006


I am researching the Asa LATHROP family from Aladdin, WY. Asa is buried in the Pineslope Cemetery in Belle Fourche. His daughter, Carrie LATHROP, spent her teen years in Belle Fourche, but I can find no other family history. Asa was b. 1837 and d. 1916 in SD. His wife, Ella PARSONS, was b. 1862, d. 1941 in CA. They had at least 7 children: Asa (b. 1879); Vernon (b. 1881); Sarah (b. 1882); Daniel (b. 1890); William (b. 1892); Carrie (b. 1895); and Minnie (b. 1899). Carrie LATHROP is my mother. Any help will be appreciated.

Thu Oct 05 11:09:14 2006


Looking for information on Myron Jenning LEE, b 10 August 1913, in SD; d 25 April 1990, in Belle Fourche, Butte, SD. He was the son of Vanransler LEE and Estella PIKE. He married Alyce (Alice) MILLER on 26 September 1936. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

Shirley Lee
Sat Apr 29 01:27:46 2000


I am looking for any information on the LESLIE family that lived in Butte County. George LESLIE was a brother to my grandfather, Karl L. LESLIE, of Gregory and Tripp Counties in SD. I know George had sons and a daughter: one son, Kenneth, married Sherry SHERIDAN, and was the County Agent for Butte County; George's daughter, Florence, married a SLY. Any information is appreciated.

Lorraine Leslie Besmer
Fri Dec 19 16:24:18 2008


I am trying to find information on my paternal grandmother, Wilhelmina LINDELL. I am particularly interested in locating her naturalization records. It is my understanding that she would have had to be naturalized before her homestead patents were approved. She homesteaded in Butte County, where she lived until she died. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Mari Johnson
Tue Sep 16 20:57:06 2003


I am looking for Paul LINDHOLM. He lived in Indianola, IA, in the 60s. The last I knew, he lived in Belle Fourche.

Mich Reinhart
Wed Dec 15 23:42:06 2010



I'm interested in any information regarding Dr. J.A.J. MARTIN, b 1843 in IN, and who came to South Dakota in 1877. I believe he was a Civil War veteran, and possibly served in the territorial legislature. His wife died in Belle Fourche at the turn of the century. Thank you.

Bill Reiley
Mon Dec 16 15:45:59 1996


Looking for information on the time my grandfather, Alvin Richard McCAMISH, and his family spent in SD. He had a farm near Belle Fourche in the early 1910s and 20s. I'm also looking for any information on his younger brother, John Obed McCAMISH, and his family, who were in the area around the same time. Their father, John R. McCAMISH, was buried in Deadwood.

John McCamish
Sat Mar 27 18:32:44 1999


I am looking for information on John Obed McCAMISH, his wife, Vera C., and their 5 children who are shown in the U.S. Census as living in Belle Fourche during 1910, 1920 and 1930. Vera died there in 1931. Their children were: Leona, Carthel, Lucille, Alfred and Connie (male - may have been a nickname). Thanks for any help!

Eulimma Harvey
Sun Mar 26 18:11:14 2006


Adelbert R. McDONALD is listed in the Butte Co. Federal Land Records BLM database as acquiring land in 1926. The 1920 Butte Co. Census Soundex lists a Bert McDONALD, married to Louisa, both age 49. Could Robert be Adelbert's middle name, and could Bert and Adelbert be the same person? My grandfather's name was Albert Robert McDONALD. His son was Robert Albert McDONALD. Am I on the right track here?

Gene McDonald
Thu Aug 05 22:43:08 1999


Looking for information on the McKNELLY/BYE family that lived in Belle Fourche, or the surrounding area. I have an aunt around there named Mary or Milly, whose maiden name was McKNELLY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Ann Meeks
Fri Sep 08 08:32:32 2000


Seeking any and all information on W. H. "Baldy" McLEAN, b ca 1864 (place unknown), d 29 January 1932, in Belle Fourche, Butte, SD. All I know of him is from a copy of a Belle Fourche Bee obituary, dated 5 February 1932, where his age was listed as 68 when he passed. The obit also listed a living brother, A. J. McLEAN, of Portland, ME. Any information, leads, or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Christine Olson
Fri Jan 26 15:16:24 2001


Looking for information on the MESTMACHER and SCHULTZ families from the Newell area. My mother-in-law was a MESTMACHER, and is the only one left of her family. Any leads or assistance would be appreciated.

Katey Keane
Tue Dec 12 20:51:33 2000


I am researching my father's family from Belle Fourche. His father was Jabez A. MILLER, who married Alice Talley. I believe Jabiz died around 1918 in Belle Fourche. Alice married Lloyd KESTER in Belle in 1925. I believe that Jabez' parents were Joseph MILLER and Anna SPAULDING. The children of Jabez and Alice were: George Spaulding MILLER, James Alexander MILLER, Harry Richard MILLER, and Leslie MILLER. I would appreciate any information on this family.

Della Myers
Mon Aug 02 13:55:13 1999


I am searching for information on a cousin, Ralph MURPHY. The only thing I know about him is that he was teaching school in Belle Fourche in 1926. I hope someone can give me any insight as to where to search for any information on this person. Thanks.

Mary Murphy Zollman
Sun Sep 05 11:50:29 1999



I am looking for information on Willard A. NAVE, my grandfather on my mother's side. I know he lived in Butte County, because I have a copy of a Record of Patents (Patent #302281), issued by the federal government, indicating that a certificate is on file in the Belle Fourche land office showing full payment for: 164 acres in the SW quarter of the NE quarter, Section 1, Township 16, N of Range 8, east of the Black Hills Meridian. The document is dated 26 November 1912. Thank you for anything you might have on the NAVE family.

Warren L. Stahmer
Mon Oct 16 13:43:24 2000


I am trying to find any information about Chester Sidney NELSON, b 25 November 1896, in Willmar, MN. He was the son of France Frithioff NELSON and Hulda Maria PETERSON. He lived in Belle Fourche in 1947, and in Rapid City in 1952.

Edward Swanson
Sat Aug 01 18:11:02 1998


NOWAK, Oscar and Emma. Searching for any info on this family. They moved to Belle Fourche in Butte County, between 1897-1910. Oscar owned a General Store in Belle Fourche as of April 1910. Children are: Clark W., George A., Margaret A., and Edward Elwin. Margaret and Edward were born in South Dakota between 1904-07.

Dot Morris
Mon Jul 05 14:03:30 2004



I would appreciate any information on the O'DONNELL family that was located on a homestead next to Orman Dam, on the east side of Belle Fourche, from approximately 1912-22. My father's name was Charles Francis O'DONNELL; my mother was Nina Marie LEWIS. The home burned down about 1919. Any information would be appreciated.

Charles F. O'Donnell
Sun Jun 10 18:47:14 2000


I am seeking any information on Østen and Dora (or Thora) OLSEN, farmers near Newell in Twp 8, Range 8, according to the 1920 census. Østen was born in Garmo, Norway, on 28 January 1867; Dora on 19 November 1871, in the same location. They had 13 children, but only Clarence E., Anna E., and Louis E., were still living at home in 1920; daughter Dora was born after 1920. The Olsens apparently moved to Newell from NE about 1912, according to the census.

Mike Hobart
Wed Nov 04 18:35:23 1998



I am looking for information on my great-grandparents, Homer and Mollie PARKER. They bought land around Belle Fourche in 1911. Their son (my grandfather), Walter B. PARKER, was born in Murdo, Jones, SD, in 1902. Any information you can find will be greatly appreciated.

Sherry Sharp
Mon Apr 23 12:38:59 2001


Looking for any and all information on the surnames PAULEY and REINHARDT in Butte Co., specifically in the Vale area. They went there shortly after the turn of the century. Thank you for any information you are able and willing to provide.

Teresa Pauley
Tues Sept 3 01:34:02 1996


Seeking anyone researching the PIEKKOLA name. Specifically, I am researching Henry PIEKKOLA, born Hailuoto, Finland, who married Justina KILLINEN, and their descendents living in Butte County.

Kelly Saari
Wed July 7 18:34:15 2004


I am trying to find anything about the PIEKKOLA family, because I need to know more about my heritage. I'm mostly trying to find out if there is any Japanese heritage in the PIEKKOLA family.

Annie Piekkola
Tue Aug 16 15:35:06 2005




I am trying to find any records concerning an aunt. Her last name was RAIL; her first name is not known for certain, but could be Phyllis, Phytos, Felicity, or Felicitas. Her parents were Joseph and Odena Rail, who lived on a ranch or farm near Orman Dam. They were Catholic. She had several brothers (I know of Joseph, Leo, Ben and Raymond) and at least two sisters (Florence and Lillian). Her two oldest brothers, Joseph and Leo RAIL, have birth records in Butte County, but I have been unable to find any record of Phyllis' birth.

Don Harris
Tue Sep 14 23:47:35 1999


Interested in any facts, particularly dates of death and place of burial, for Blemus H. and Mary M. Schrontz RANDEL. Last known location was Nisland, Butte, SD. They owned property, and it was listed on the land database as "heirs of Blemus Randel." Thank you.

Nancy Shrontz Arseneau
Sun Mar 27 13:46:38 2005


I am looking for information on the REICHE family. Hugo REICHE and his wife, Emma, were my grandparents. I have an aunt who still lives in the area, but she is not able to help me out. Thank you in advance for any information you may have to share.

Paulana Craft
Mon Aug 18 2:41:53 2008


Looking for the burial record of Mary J. RHODE, born 1841 in MO. She lived in Belle Fourche according to the 1880 census. I find her son, William D., and wife, Agnes, buried there, but not Mary. Can you help me, please?

Darlene Hitchens
Fri Jul 23 11:33:29 2004


Looking for information on the family of George Zebedee RICHARDS and Eugene Charles RICHARDS. They lived, possibly, in the area between Belle Fourche and Aladdin, WY (in western Butte Co.).

K. S. Richards
Sat May 09 12:29:13 1998

I, too, am a descendant of George Zebedee RICHARDS, an early settler of Butte County. He later lived in Beulah and Sundance, WY. I am looking for any and all information on him and his family.

Carroll Stitt
Thu Dec 28 18:04:20 2000


My grandfather's Social Security file indicates he was born in Gusta, SD, in 1888. As I cannot find a Gusta, I'm assuming this might be Gustave. Gustave, located in present-day Harding County, was in Butte Co. in 1888. My great-grandparents were Frank RICHARDSON and Ruby ROBERTSON. I'm looking for help on Gusta/Gustave and the RICHARDSON/ROBERTSON families.

Fred Felter
Thu Jul 18 21:46:52 2002


My father Elbert Reed RICHARDSON was born in Belle Fourche 12 May 1920. I am interested in any information regarding my father and any other members of the RICHARDSON family. Thank you.

Stan Richardson
Tue Sep 26 18:26:05 2006


I am looking for information about the ROBERTS family that operated a saloon in the Belle Fourche area, probably in the early 1900s. The ROBERTS would have ties to Doc HEDGES, who ran a saloon in Camp Crook, Harding, SD, in 1904/05. The reason I am asking is I have a token found on my land that says "Roberts/Hedges, Camp Crook, SD". I would like any history on this if you have it. Thanks.

Deb Long
Thu Sep 15 22:16:55 2005


Looking for information about Oliver ROBINSON, who worked as an inspector for the state highway department. He retired and moved to CA in 1959. Any information would be welcome.

Lyle Galt
Tue May 04 16:19:01 1999


I am trying to connect Noble Oliver ROSE to my ROSE family. My cousin stated that she and my great-uncle visited him on his ranch near Belle Fourche in the early 1940s. Noble's parents were Oliver Perry ROSE and Luella WILLEY. His mother died 03 December 1895, and is buried in the Beals Cemetery near Vale. Noble was born 10 April 1892 in Whitewood, and died in June 1968. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Monty Montgomery
Sun Mar 14 18:10:09 1999



My grandfather's name, at birth, was George J. SCHNEIDER. He later changed the surname spelling to SNYDER. He was born 13 May 1899 in Belle Fourche. I have nothing on his parents, other than that they came from Prussia or Germany. Sometime after my grandfather was born, my great-grandparents became homesick, and both returned to the old country, leaving my grandfather in the care of an older brother. The brother's name was Conrad SCHNEIDER, who died in June 1914; Conrad's wife was Kathryn HEINZ (died April 1932). I am just beginning research on my grandfather, and am at a stalemate. Thanks in advance for any information!

Chuck Dugan
Sat Apr 15 14:57:09 2000


I am trying to find info on Grant SHOENER, who lived in Butte and Ziebach Counties in the early 1900s. He was married to Nellie BRADY. Can anyone help me?

Lin Boyd
Sat Jun 09 16:47:04 2001


My father, William Newell SILER, was born in Newell, SD, on 04 December 1910. We were always told Dad was the first baby boy born in Newell, and so they named him "Newell" in remembrance of the occasion. Could that be true? I guess my folks were proud of the name "Newell", too, for they passed it along to me. I, in turn, passed it along to my own son! My dad's parents were William Arthur SILER and Ina Nel AGER. I would like to know if they were counted in the 1910 census, as well as any other information about them, such as: What brought them to Newell? What, if anything, did they do there, besides giving birth to Dad? I look forward to any information you can pass along to help me with my family history. Thank you very much!

William Newell Siler, Jr.
Tue Apr 25 01:25:15 2000


Looking for any information on Mathew SINKEY. He was born abt Jun 1873, and died in Belle Fourche abt 1937. He was married to Gertrude Mae DOWDEN, who I believe also died in Belle Fourche. Mathew had at least 2 children: Flossie and Marius. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me.

Kim Pepe
Tue Sep 21 14:44:47 1999


Reuben SMITH died in November 1959. He was a resident of Vale, Butte, SD. His parents were William SMITH and Mary CROSS. Reuben was born near Elk Point, Union, SD, and grew up near Highmore. I am seeking information about this man, his wife, and children.

Carol Tramp
Thu Mar 08 10:03:04 2001


Am looking for info on Louis D. or Deborah B. SMITH. Have a copy of land patent #444131 in Deborah's name. Have picture taken in 1911 of home on Owl Creek: Lake Side Farm, Nisland, SD. I am Deborah's great-granddaughter.

Carolyn R. Balentine
Mon Apr 13 10:24:06 2009


Seeking information regarding John H. STEVENSON. He married 1) Martha DAVIS. Children: Madison K., Horace, William, Effa; and, 2) Augusta HAMDEN FENDERSON NICKERSON. Children: Eva, Addie, and Mertice. John H. believed to be buried in the Beals Cemetery near Vale.

Keith Sankey
Sat Mar 30 05:00:35 2002


I am researching the STOPPEL surname, and would like to hear from anyone with any knowledge of this name. In my research, I have seen that members of the Stoppel family live(d) in Butte County. I was born a Stoppel, and was adopted at the age of 9.

Curtis P. Sigdestad
Thu Nov 14 09:38:26 1996


Looking for info on the SUNDSTROM family in Butte County.

Bernadette Busby
Wed May 17 14:29:04 2006


Looking for info about John SWIMM, graduated from Vale High School in 1940. May have been a son of Peter and Hannah SWIMM, born in Peoria, IL. Any info welcome.

Peter Lee Swimm
Tue Feb 17 14:06:12 1998



I am seeking any info on the following family found in the 1920 Federal Census for Belle Fourche, Butte, SD: TABOR, George - age 61, b NY; wife Milinda (Marylinda), b IN. I'm trying to confirm if this is George Washington TABOR, b 26 Apr 1859 in North Collins, Erie, NY, son of Joseph Lewis TABOR and Mary Jane KIMBLE. George went "west" sometime after 1880, and disappeared. A 1924 genealogy book indicated that he was in KS, and later in SD. Marylinda would be his second wife. My mom recalls her grandfather saying his only regret was not knowing what happened to his brother George.

Debbie Stelmach
Wed Oct 30 21:55:58 2002


I am looking for information on a Judson M. Taylor, who was to have claimed land in Butte Co. in 1907. Any assistance would be a big help. Thanks.

Joyce Wilson
Sun Mar 22 15:40:11 1998


I am seeking information about Lester TESSNESS, who lived in Belle Fourche in the late 1960s/early 1970s. He worked as a bricklayer in Pierre in 1971.

Krista Sheridan
Mon Apr 05 17:02:59 2004




I am looking for info on William Edward VALENTINE. His last known residence was in 1905, in Meade County, SD. He was born Sept. 1875, to Eli Newton VALENTINE and Lillian Rosillian MCDANIELS.

Janet Clark
Wed May 12 21:37:54 2004


I would like to correspond with anyone having info regarding Albert and Huldah (BROWN) VAN DORNUM. In 1930, Huldah was Albert's widow, living in Belle Fourche with her mother, Harriet (GRISWOLD) BROWN, who was the daughter of Lester GRISWOLD. Harriet was the widow and second wife of Judge Theron G. BROWN. The other BROWN children were Cora Margaret BROWN, Harold Griswold BROWN, and Wallace BROWN.

Fred Griswold
Tue Feb 20 17:24:36 2001


I am trying to locate the birthplace of Charles Alvin VERRY. I believe his birth date is 05 May 1928. I am also seeking the date of his marriage to Charlene C. BOSTON/PRICE/PHILLIPS (BOSTON is her maiden name; the other surnames were from her previous husbands). Mr. VERRY has passed away. We believe he was born in Butte County, possibly in Belle Fourche.

Richard Osborne
Thu Jul 10 11:18:20 2008



Looking for info on William Abner and Hattie (RICKY or RICHY)WARREN. Lived in Belle Fourche around 1913, and both died of the flu in 1918. Had a son, Roy Bert, and maybe a daughter. Roy Bert born in 1913, passed away in 1989 in Oregon.

Thu Sep 03 11:34:29 2009


I am interested in contacting the descendants of Fred WEBB and his wife, Janet Maud STEVENS, who lived near Vale in the late 1800s/ early 1900s. Prior to their arrival in Vale, they lived in LaSalle Co., IL. Fred and Janet had 3 children: Harry, Juanita (IRELAND), and Fray (BECKHAM).

Ken Steffenson
Sat Dec 13 09:52:16 1997


I am researching Perry William WELFRING. He was born in SD, the son of George William WELFRING, who was a native of Butte County. Perry may have had a brother named George William WELFRING, born 12 August 1898, in Butte County; however, I've never been able to make the connection between Perry and George. Perry was later married to Doreene Belle MASSEY in MI, and he died in CA. WELFRING doesn't seem to be a common name, so I am hoping I can find a connection! Thank you.

Ethelyn C. Massey
Mon Oct 08 06:15:12 2001


Looking for info on Fritz WENBERG. SS# info seems to support that he was my grt-uncle. Info from the SS# give b as 22 October 1895, and death as December 1987. The following Butte County towns were given as his residences: Belle Fourche, Mason, and Willet. Parents of Fritz WENBERG would be Louis and Charlotte (Lottie) WENBERG of Joliet, IL. He had 2 sisters and 1 brother (my maternal grandfather). Hoping to locate descendants interested in researching our family. Have more info on his birth family to share.

Teresa J. M.
Sun May 26 01:02:10 2002


I am trying to collect any information on the WENDT family line in Butte County. PETERSON and HOLMAN are surnames that may be connected. Any information on these family lines would be appreciated.

Patricia Kemp
Fri Nov 09 23:27:13 2001


I would like to submit a query regarding Agnes Genevieve WHALEN, born to Joseph A. and Annie I. WHALEN, on 03 March 1920 in Butte County. She was the only sister of Evan, Arthur, Dwayne (?), Joseph D., Leo, Floyd and Eugene WHALEN. Thank you.

Larry Whalen
Sun Jul 02 22:10:03 2006


I am looking for information on Isaac Sumner WILDEY. He lived in the Vale, Sturgis, and Whitewood areas.

Leigh Ann Wildey Sullivan
Thu Mar 16 05:15:32 2006


I am trying to find any info on Commador Perry WILLIS. He was wed to my great-grandmother, Mary Irene SYLVESTER GARLINGHOUSE HARSHFIELD. She passed away in March 1921, in Deadwood, SD, and was laid to rest in Pineslope Cemetery in Belle Fourche, with the HARSHFIELD family. I do not know when or where C. P. WILLIS was born or passed away, or if he had family prior to Mary. He worked at one time for the steam railroad. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much for your time and help.

Marlene Fink
Sat Apr 16 16:18:32 2005


I am looking for information relating to the WILSON family of Belle Fourche. There are a number of WILSON's buried in Pine Slope Cemetery. Bryan WILSON, 1897-1945, was my grandfather. He was married to Vera Marie DISMER. Bryan had two sons: Bryan Noel WILSON, and William WILSON. Bryan Wilson had three brothers that appear to be buried in Pine Slope: Vera, Howard, and Earl (could be Earl Mitchell?). It is my understanding that Belle Fourche was the original home of this WILSON line. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Wilson
Wed May 12 20:29:50 2004



I am interested in the YODER families of Butte County. Calvin YODER died 7 January 1929. His sons: John H. YODER, died 17 June 1951; Charles W. YODER, died 26 October 1943; James Frank YODER ("Frank" is what he appeared to go by), died 13 July 1949. They are all buried in Hope Cemetery in Newell. I am trying to find out who Calvin's parents were. He went from IN to Davis Co., IA, in the 1850s, and left IA for SD between 1900-1910. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Karen Meeker
Thu Aug 26 15:19:48 2004


I'm looking for anything I can find on James YOUNG, born abt 1862 in IA. His parents were Robert YOUNG and Jane ORR, both born in Ireland. According to his brother's obituary, James was living in Arpan, Butte County, SD, in 1924.

Bertha Starr
Fri Aug 29 16:20:11 2008


I am interested in any information on the YUILL family that lived in Butte County. I know that Hazel YUILL lived in Newell. She was born in 1905, and died in 1986. Thank you for your help.

Cindy Yuill
Sat Apr 01 13:02:42 2000


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